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Thanks for checking out Game Day Hair’s employment opportunities page! Here’s the kind of player we’re looking for:

Skills: gotta have those skills! You must have finished training at a beauty college or comparable institution. If you’re in training, but not quite ready for the majors yet, drop us a line anyway, just so you’re on our radar when signing day rolls around.

What else do you need to make the team? Attitude. Game Day Hair isn’t just about haircuts. It’s about giving our customers the kind of great experience that packs the stands. A sports-themed experience.

So you’ll have to have an interest in sports. Ultimately, we’ll want your customers to know you and rely on you the same way they rely on the guy who sharpens their skates.

So you’ll need to be energetic & outgoing. Our management people will provide you with extensive customer service training at the start of your employment with us, but you’ve gotta be on board with the concept. ‘Cause let’s face it - some of your customers aren’t gonna be checking their attitude at the press box door, so you’ll have to be somebody who thrives on a little friendly give-and-take.

Last, but far from least, you’ve got to like kids. Since we welcome sports-minded children (age 6 and higher) and youths, you’ve got to genuinely like kids and be able to connect with them. And be able to sense when it’s time to pull back the scissors because the Oilers are about to score.

Game Day Hair offers you the chance to be part of a team that combines work with our personal passion for sports. Since our stores are all designed with a central vac, it’s not about who sweeps up. It’s about the concept. It’s about who wants to be part of a team that delivers a great sports-themed experience along with first-rate hair care.

Because Game Day Hair is expanding, stylists have future opportunities for travel and employment growth within the company and the industry.

If you’re interested in joining our team, please fill out and submit the application form below by fax to (780) 448 0306.

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Apply Online Here


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