Remember the old barber shops? Every day was a post-season wrap-up, and everybody knew everybody else’s business. And if you missed out, the barbers would fill you in.

In some ways, Game Day Hair is the new generation of barber shop - but privacy these days is a different matter. At Game Day Hair, we’re careful to protect your privacy.

The Privacy Policy below explains how we collect and use personal information. So you can still get great barbering. There’s just a little more discretion involved.


Game Day Hair Privacy Policy

The information on this website is provided freely, without any request for your personal information. Unless you contact us via the online contact form, or sign up for the Game Day Hair newsletter, no effort will be made to discover or keep information about you.

Our Internet Service Provider does collect routine information about the number of visitors to this site and the pages that are visited. Game Day Hair occasionally reviews this information to help us tailor the site to our visitors. However, we don’t keep information about individual visitors to the site.


E-Mail and On-Line Contact Form

If you e-mail Game Day Hair or use our on-line contact form (link to it), we'll keep a record of your e-mail and of our answer. We may use your contact information to send you marketing materials that we think will interest you. However, your contact information will never be shown, rented, sold, or otherwise made available to any third party.



If you sign up for the Game Day Hair newsletter, you authorize us to send you the newsletter, which may include marketing offers and promotional material.

Newsletter subscriber information will never be shown or made available to third parties. Unsubscribe information is included with each issue of the newsletter. Unsubscribe requests are processed promptly.

Use of this website constitutes acceptance of these privacy guidelines. To discuss any privacy concerns you may have, please contact Game Day Hair.




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